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Ashley George and Morgan Bailey are playing with each other surrounded with colorful balloons.

Hello all! Here are two sexy shemales prepared to give us fun and entertainment. There is cute young Ashley George in colorful lingerie.
 She is wearing matching bra, panties and stockings. I like them because her lingerie is pink with blue stripes.
Ashley George smiling with Morgan BaileySweet Ashley George with Morgan Bailey
Morgan Bailey and Ashley George posingAshley Geroge revealing Morgan Bailey's nipple
Or blue with pink stripes, depending on how you look at it. She has nice body with small tits and small tranny dick. Her face is lovely and she has long brown hair. She is with her tranny friend, Morgan Bailey. Morgan is tall sexy shemale with long black hair and lots of tattoos all over her slim body.
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She has long shaved dick and juicy dangling balls. Her tits are round and firm with pointy nipples. Morgan Bailey is wearing black latex boots with high heels.
 She is also wearing sexy black panties with small red bow and matching black bra.
Kinky Ashley George looking at Morgan Bailey titsHot shemale Ashley George showing her nipples to Morgan Bailey
Ashley George and Morgan Bailey fun with ribbonsAshley George balloons and Morgan Bailey
 We introduced our sexy participants in this shemale meeting so we can start having fun with them. Ashley is eager to start to play with Morgan's tits.
She is pulling on her bra to see the erect nipple. She gets aroused and slides her tiny bra so we can see her both tiny erect nipples and tits.
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Morgan takes some ribbons and starts to tie them around Ashley's hands, tights and eventually her soft neck. There are some colorful balloons around
 them to make the scene even more playful. Morgan Bailey removes one of Ashley George's stocking so she can play with her sexy feet.
Ashley George with peacock feather in buttMorgan Bailey tickling Ashley George feet
Ashley George holding butt for Morgan Bailey long dickMorgan Bailey's dangling balls and cock behind Ashley George ass
 She tickles her lovely toes. They both removes their panties so we can see Ashley George's tiny cock and Morgan Bailey's long dick with huge dangling balls. Morgan takes peacock feather and starts to fickle Ashley's firm butt. She loves it very much. So do we :) She licks her butt with her long red tongue.
After a while, Ashley kneels and Morgan stands behind her with her huge dangling balls hanging next to her long dick.
ashley george text banner 3
 We can just fantasize how Morgan takes her cock in her hand and slowly brings her dickhead near the entrance to Ashley George's butt.
Trembling with excitement she places her glistening dickhead on her warm, tight asshole and starts to press on it....
What would be the sensation on Morgan's dickhead if she can penetrate Ashley's tight anus?
Morgan Bailey playing with Ashley George's toesShemale Morgan Bailey licking Ashley's ass
Ashley George pointing towards Morgan Bailey's titsCute Ashley in sext striped stockings and panties
 Or, imagine what would Ashley George feel when she releases her tight anus muscles just for a second and long, hard dick starts to go inside her butt? If we could ask her what was the feeling it would be great. But, we can just imagine and fantasize about that and many more sexual adventures of our lovely shemales.
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